Biz Plan 101


Creating a Business Plan is the first step to starting a Business.

Join the Live Session as we cover the

components of a Business Plan &

how to create your roadmap towards Entrepreneurship


Live Webinar Tuesday April 25th  $100

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I completed Biz Plan 101, and this course far exceeded any expectations that I could have ever had. I have always felt that I had to be a high level entrepreneur to participate in a course like this, and that is completely untrue. Ms. Radcliffe has shown me that it all starts with an idea. Angel has an expert system that covers everything that you can encounter. After taking the course, I have started my business plan and I used the information that I was taught in this course. I would have never started a business plan without the knowledge that I obtained from this course, and from Ms. Radcliffe. Angel's knowledge is thorough, and working with her gives me more confidence to do what I put off for so long before I came into contact with her and the services she provides. Ms. Radcliffe is the real deal, and I will continue to work with her on future endeavors as well.

John Walker (@uapbjohnwalker)   

I would highly recommendthe this course (Biz Plan 101) for anyone starting a new business and need a step by step guide on how to create a Business plan. Angel gives detailed information with a presentation slide show and a business plan template to get you started. Be sure to take notes and listen carefully for nuggets given throughout the course.


When a client of mine needed help in her personal finances, Angel Radcliffe was that person who stood out in my mind as the person I wanted to refer her to. She provides great content and resources in an easily communicated manner. I like and agree with what she stands for and appreciates how active she is in the community. In additional, she is motivational and an action taker!


I enjoyed the 30 days to better business course, I felt as though she answered all questions. Overall it was helpful and it was info that i can actually use. I have compiled lots of info and intend to implement what I've learned. Angel was great. She was professional and handled the course with authority. I felt as though I could trust her.


The course went very well, I enjoyed the course. Angel was very informative and knowledgeable. I would take another class and I intend to work with her on opening my business in the near future.


I highly recommend both the teacher and the course to anyone starting a business from scratch. This comprehensive course goes through tax, deductions, apps you can use, banking, etc. The teacher is very well versed in what she does and has some great knowledge to share


All the great information that Angel gave was priceless, awesome class!!!

Florence P.